24/7 Call Center Service

Our inbound call center services are accessible 24/7, seven days, 365 days of the year. We perceive the significance of satisfied customers. But, nothing can make customers more contented than knowing that your company is available 24/7 to help with any issues or questions. As little as $1 per day, your customers can talk to a live, actual customer service representative, no matter the time they call. Professional, affordable customer service is all you need. And, that’s the Bulls BPO.

24/7 Call Center Service

24/7 Customer Services Never Miss a Lead

Did you realize that 7 out of 10 callers who go to voicemail won’t leave messages? That’s 70% of prospective new customers, and 70% of clients who have issues aren’t waiting until they know you’re there. In this day and age of instant customer service, it’s imperative that you are available when customers require you to connect with them.

At all hours, we can provide call center services for your business. Our emergency dispatch for the call center follows the on-call scripted procedure to determine the seriousness of the problem. Then, it allows us to contact the appropriate person. With the secure portal, you can also make changes in real-time to your on-call schedule so that we’re always following the most current instructions.

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Don't Miss Out on Opportunities.

Every missed call is a missed chance. For businesses, missed leads mean a loss of revenue. So instead of making sales leads, leave a voicemail if you’re not there. Let the Bulls BPO assist and provide your clients with a live phone to speak. Bulls BPO agents can take new leads, make urgent calls, assist in placing orders, and set up appointments at any time.

24/7 Call Center Dispatching.

Emergencies with customers usually occur at the worst times, for instance, in the middle of the night or when you’re leaving the office. In an emergency, customers do not want to be inconvenienced if your office isn’t open. They just want to be helped; this is the reason you need to be available. If it’s not economically feasible for you to have employees on call 24/7.

Excellent Customer Service.

Do not limit your excellent customer service only to working hours. Customers could be working too much in the daytime to take an opportunity to contact customer support for help or a query. And so, leaving them on the voicemail at night won’t leave an impression. If your client needs help or concern, we’ll be there to assist. A 24/7 online receptionist is an excellent way to show to your clients that you appraise them. Happy clients mean more sales!

We Pick Up Where You Started.

If you decide to utilize the Bulls BPO services during off-hours or even in conjunction with your staff in the morning as an overflow, we will take over where you were. The technology we use for call centers will be integrated with CRM applications to send support tickets and web-based scheduling software for setting appointment times. Our call center professionals also visit your website to process orders and payments securely.

Cease the Hold Times.

If you’re running 24/7 within your call center, and your late-night queue is too long, think about sending some of your excess traffic to us to reduce the congestion.

The Warm Patch: A Business Owner's Greatest Friend

Our inbound call center agents will screen your calls in two ways: using script control and warm patching. All you need to tell us is the information you wish to collect from the caller prior to attempting to connect the call. For instance, you might need the caller's first last and first name. Or you might only want their first name as well as the company the caller is calling from. If you're not available, you can inform callers that you're not available and send them the opportunity to leave a message. Then, if you'd want to answer them, we can connect them through. It's entirely your choice!

Script Controls: Decide What Calls You'd Like to Transfer

If numerous warm transfers are pestering you, you can create features in your script that inform us of what calls you'd prefer to have to be able to take a message for and which ones you'd like transferred. For example, imagine the following as an "Always connect, Sometimes transfer, Never'’ list. For calls on the list of 'Always,' we will cold transfer them to you. If you receive calls from the 'Sometimes' list, we'll warmly transfer the calls to you so that you can choose whether you want the call or not. If you receive calls from the list of 'Never,' we'll take a text message.

Time for the Day: Choose the Time You Need Calls to be Transferred

Alongside telling us what kinds of calls you'd prefer to be transferred, you can also specify the times you'd like them to be transferred. For example, are you available for transfers at any time, or only during working hours? Would you prefer receiving them over weekends or only on weekdays? Maybe you'd like messages for emergencies that are received during the day. And similar calls can be transferred to you during weekends and after hours. However you work, we work.

Leverage Customer Service that Never Sleeps Around the Clock Call Center Solutions Tailored for Your Business

No Hidden Fees.

No Hidden Fees.

While other call centers charge extra to take your calls late at night, on weekends, or during holidays - the Bulls BPO doesn't. We believe in simple, cheap call center services that every size of business can afford.

Custom Call Handling.

Custom Call Handling.

Every business is different, so is the call center handling procedures. In the process of onboarding, we will work together with you to assess your goals and objectives to create an appropriate call center script around.

Experienced Virtual Receptionists.

Experienced Virtual Receptionists.

Our live receptionists are certified experts in customer service and have an innate desire to help others. We assist sales, leads, and walk customers through troubleshooting procedures. Our team is here to help.

US-based Support.

US-based Support.

Being in Touch with Customers All Day Long is Vital. With the Bulls BPO, the ability to provide 24/7 customer service is affordable. we help you extend your customer service hours, results in happier customers.

Bulls BPO

A well-designed contact center can improve your brand’s image through recruitment, training, and an atmosphere designed to deliver extraordinary customer experiences. We’re much more than just an outsourcing company; we’re your trusted partner. Our mission remains the same: provide the highest level of customer service with the highest satisfaction levels at an affordable cost.


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