Bilingual & Spanish

There are more than 30 million Spanish users throughout the United States. For a perfect score in customer service, it is essential to assist in both English and Spanish. Our bilingual agents at our call center represent your company and demonstrate to your Spanish customers that you value them.

Bilingual & Spanish

Let Bulls BPO Speak Your Language

Catering to English customers that speak English only is a surefire way to lose out on many opportunities. On the other hand, customers who have Spanish as their primary language can be a massive advertising opportunity. There are millions of dollars of potential revenues, and the number is increasing steadily. If you can open up your communications channels to both the English and Spanish customer base, you’ll be more accessible, and your goals for growth are more achievable. In addition, you’ll be able to help an increased number of customers and reach the market that competitors don’t.

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What is the Process?

If you require English and Spanish native-speaking call-center representatives, we’ll prepare copies from your English script and then place an IVR at the front of your line, which will route traffic to one of an English or Spanish CSR. The Spanish CSRs will follow the same call center protocols as English call center agents, with script paraphrased in Spanish. Thus, a Spanish representative will manage the call using native language proficiency.

Spanish Only Phone Lines.

We can create front-end automatic call centers that forward calls; we can also establish exclusive Spanish-only phone lines connecting directly to the Spanish operating queue. It lets Spanish phone users talk with the representatives in their native language without pressing one or two buttons to make the call. It’s an excellent option for inbound calls if you have an IVR of your own or offer the services of a Spanish phone number for support in Spanish.

Diverse Call Center Solutions.

To ensure the highest quality user experience for your customer, you must understand your customers’ languages. Bulls BPO is aware of diversity and recognize that talking to customers in their native language provides a more relaxed experience to clients. Our bilingual staff will help you build your brand’s reputation and improve customer retention simply by communicating with your customers in their native language.

Outbound & Inbound Multilingual Support.

Our bilingual services are custom-designed and tailored to each inbound or outbound call center service we provide. Are you looking for us to answer your calls or schedule meetings in Spanish? Take a look. Are we required to contact potential leads to bring back customers from the past in Spanish? Double-check. If you need us to bring leads to your venture, we’ve got it covered; in English and Spanish. Simple solutions for complex issues!

Explore the Essential Features Bilingual Agents can offer better CX.

Customer service isn’t just an English language-only monopoly. If you’d like to be successful, get a foothold within your industry, and provide equal service to every client, you should consider including Spanish assistance in the language. Talking to your clients in the native Hispanic language can help reduce tensions, make sales, and develop connections.

Live Multilingual Support.

Get connected to your Hispanic or Spanish customers 24/7. If you're using Bulls BPO Spanish native agents to handle your calls, we'll have call center representatives available to help and assist your customers. We'll never miss a lead. Grow your business with Bulls BPO.

Get Rid of Messy Transfers.

Don't allow live agents to transfer calls because of language barriers. It restricts them to evaluate the caller’s requirements. A front-end IVR allows Spanish calling customers to be routed directly to a representative who can speak their language. It is always better to get queries answered in native language.

No Additional Charges.

If you're only using our Spanish agents who speak Spanish, there will be no additional or hidden charges. However, if you're looking to include Spanish support over an English advertising campaign, you'll be charged a second line charge (a sub-account charge) along with our usual per-minute fee.

Cut Down on Your Expenses.

If there's an issue with the language, call duration can be up to 3 more times than they have to, and transcribed messages could be unclear and require some time to comprehend. The longer calls translate into greater monthly charges, and more time by your side can result in the loss of productivity.


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