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Bulls BPO offers HIPAA-compliant health call center solutions to provide you comprehensive, 24-hour customer service you require. From doctors to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, joining Bulls BPO’s team will help enhance patients’ experience, increase communication, and improve use to cut costs.

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In addition to answering basic calls, our agents can run emergency hotlines or drug recall hotlines that follow guidelines for nurse triage and identify leads for reps from pharma rap handling email and live chat programs, and much more, all while adhering to the health and medical industry regulations. Whether you employ individual agents or a pool of agents, you can be sure that your clients on the internet will be welcomed by a pleasant, professional, experienced operator who is skilled to deliver the best outcomes in each transaction.

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24/7 Patient Service

Being accessible to your patients is essential. Being available for your patients 24 hours a day is vital for those urgent after-hours calls. Instead of having your patients leave a voicemail and wait to be contacted the next day, allow them to speak to a live chat! No matter if you require 24-hour service to open enrollment or the peak times of the day, an after-hours service for a small medical practice, or want to use Bulls BPO as a rollover solution to your center in-house, we’ll design our service plan to meet your needs and goals.

Professional Portrayal

Because the call center you have set up is part of your company, it is essential to ensure that they operate at the same professionalism that your clients are used to. Otherwise, your business will fall behind. Our staff of 300+ has been professionally trained and can excel at offering exceptional customer service to enhance the customer experience. Regardless of the company’s medical facility or a government agency, or somewhere else, live operator support is crucial to better treatment of patients.


Our call center for healthcare is trustworthy and affordable. With more than 15 pricing plans that you can choose from our pool for shared operators, as well as dedicated agent plans and an automated system that tracks the volume of calls to ensure that you’re on the most efficient plan for your budget, you don’t have to worry about paying more for services. Efficiency is the key, and we’ll partner with you to create an effective action plan.

Secure Online Portal

The privacy of your patients is vitally important, and with Bulls BPO, you don’t need to be concerned. In Bulls BPO’s secure contact center, we adhere to all HIPAA HITECH rules. Messages are encrypted and stored in your portal online. If you have an EMR system that our agents must access, we can integrate our system into yours, so there’s no need for double work. We have the technology to connect our call center and your medical technology.

Female or Male Only one distribution

In the case of an OBGYN or run a women's health clinic, or operate a urology clinic, we know that certain subjects aren't easy to discuss. So, we can set up various queues in which your clients are answered only by a female-only or all-male staff depending on their requirements. To guarantee that your patients receive the best service, we'll connect your clients with representatives that they are most comfortable with.

Personalized Call Handling

Deciding on outsourcing needs to be an intelligent choice. If you own the facility for your healthcare calls, you're aware that it's a custom-made service to meet the needs of your business. When you're working with a Bulls BPO, you'll need an organization that will achieve the same results as you want at your office. We offer an adaptable scripting program that ensures satisfying the individual needs of customers.

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The Problem

The Problem

You manage a small medical practice owned by a family. However, you've moved to an area with more traffic. Since your move, you've received more calls from patients, but the receptionist has trouble dealing with the increased workload. This is why many callers are hanging up once they hear your voicemail and then calling the next medical clinic on your search results. In addition, as you've struggled to find new patients, you're running out of money to pay an additional staff member. Your patients are going away!

The Solution

The Solution

You employ Bulls BPO to handle all of your after-hours and overflow calls. With the ability to set up appointments, people who usually hung up after they got to voicemail are now scheduled to attend new consultations. Additionally, because you now have an efficient support service answering calls during off-hours, your existing patients feel secure knowing they will be able to connect with their physician in case of an emergency. In the end, your business and ratings are increasing. Your service center is expanding!

Healthcare Industries We Serve

  • Government healthcare organizations
  • Hospice practices
  • Mental health clinics
  • Health insurance providers
  • Pharmacies
  • Home health companies
  • Medical transportation companies
  • Medical practices
  • Physicians
  • OBGYN practices
  • Pediatric practices
  • Dental practices
  • Hospitals


The running of medical practice isn’t easy. Working all day caring for patients to ensuring that you follow the rules for every situation and complete a mountain of paperwork, it’s no wonder that medical professionals are often looking to Bulls BPO’s healthcare call center to help by:

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Scheduling Appointments

Scheduling Appointments

Scheduling appointments is an important part in medical fields. Your life will be efficient by making appointment times for you. We can schedule appointments right on your website, use the platform we have developed, or connect with an online application such as Google Calendar. We can also remind you of appointments and even send patients appointment confirmations!

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant

Bulls BPO has been certified as a 100 percent HIPAA-certified medical call center that is HIPAA compliant. We will never transmit personal health information (private medical information) to you that's not secure. The messages we send will only notify you of a message and give you instructions to log in to your portal online (or mobile app if traveling) to access the information.

Emergency Dispatching

Emergency Dispatching

We can screen for emergencies during working hours or making us available to take urgent calls during off-hours; our crisis call centers will follow the protocol for on-call to ensure that your patients are well taken good care for. Please send us your schedule before time or make changes via our secured online account.

Experience You'll Need

Experience You'll Need

We've been answering medical offices and setting up medical outbound and inbound call center campaigns since. As technology and regulations have changed and changed, we've adapted to them. Benefit from our expertise to offer your patients the best care possible with regular monthly expenses.


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A scalable healthcare customer service system is essential to improve relations with patients.

With 24/7 support for operators, the Bulls BPO helps you take medical and patient relations to new levels. So if you’re looking for the top contact center company, You need us.

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