Lead Generation Services

The outsourcing of lead generation services to Bulls BPO provides an exclusive outbound sales and telemarketing service available to you. The outbound call center representatives work solely to deliver qualified leads. The result is more leads throughout your sales cycle, as well as the possibility of new business opportunities.

Lead Generation Services

The Perfect Way to Brainstorm

Before we start any outbound sales call center campaign, our development specialists work with you to understand the marketing you are using, your objectives, and your company’s brand. Together, we’ll develop an effective sales strategy, revise it and adjust as needed. So anytime you think that you’re Bulls BPO Outbound Telemarketing Team requires an update, make a call with us to assist in getting the most value from outsourcing. The continuous refinement process we employ works to reduce your CPA.

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Graph Service

Have graphs? We do! Outbound calls center campaigns are based on reports. The more you understand more you know, the faster you will expand. The Bulls BPO portal can provide advanced reports to provide you with the information you’d like to monitor. Your metrics will be readily available via your online portal when your lead generation program is in place. You are free to create reports whenever you need them or create a scheduling system to send data daily and weekly!

Let's Categorize Your Leads.

It’s not just about calling cold. Many companies have more leads that they are unable to contact on their own, sitting in their CRMs or sitting in a drawer. You can breathe new life into old leads by calling your leads and forwarding any lead with even the slightest amount of your employees to conclude the deal. It’s never been simpler to recall leads and monitor the progress of your business. Bulls BPO is here to categorize your leads in an organized form!

We're B2B!

Bulls BPO lead generation services are intended for B2B customers. We look through any B2B database that you have provided. We’ll scrub the information and then return clean leads with up-to-date information on decision-makers and companies that are still open. Another alternative to bring leads is to utilize a list we have access to. Give us the geographical location, and we’ll create an appropriate prospecting list for our agents to reach out to.

Help Us to Hire Your Agents.

If you let Bulls BPO handle your venture’s leads, you’ll receive services of call center representatives from hiring to manage the campaign. When you are onboarding the team, we will ask you for input regarding the type of prospect you’d like assigned for your business campaign. Once we have selected the ideal possibilities with the skills you are seeking, we have worked with them throughout the contract to ensure they follow the important criteria.

Do You Feel Overwhelmed by Cold Calls? We Can Help!

Every business with sales personnel is familiar with cold-calling, and anyone with a telephone is used to receiving these calls. Cold calling is a necessity. However, it is not the most preferred component of any successful selling strategy. Companies rely on cold calls to prospect and get more leads into their pipeline. However, cold-calling is a demanding and time-consuming job that some companies do not have the time to do.

Industry Knowledge, We've Got it.

To make lead generation successful, you need more than a number game. We have the knowledge and experience to achieve any goals in terms of cost per acquisition that you're planning for your outsourcing of call center campaign. We've been successful in generating prospects for the financial services industry, mortgage firms, and auto insurance companies' real estate firms, in addition to numerous small-scale businesses.

Lead Generation Services at Gbc.

Don't make your own sales calls. If you're seeking good ROI, think about outsourcing your sales to the Bulls BPO. With training and recruitment designed to mirror your employees, consider us to be an integral part of your company. With lead generation strategies, our goal is to funnel potential customers to your sales pipeline. Transferring your lead generation tasks to us is a cost-effective way to drive more sales.

Bulls BPO

A well-designed contact center can improve your brand’s image through recruitment, training, and an atmosphere designed to deliver extraordinary customer experiences. We’re much more than just an outsourcing company; we’re your trusted partner. Our mission remains the same: provide the highest level of customer service with the highest satisfaction levels at an affordable cost.


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