Shared Inbound & Outbound Call Center Solutions

Shared agent pools are a great customer service option for your small or medium-sized company. In a shared arrangement, the call center employees are the same in their skills and get the same level of training. However, they’re answering for businesses that aren’t your own. By connecting via email, phone, and live chat, you’ll be able to have experts who can assist your clients with their business needs. We cover seasonal assistance, late–hours call center services, holiday operations, extensive media campaigns, etc. Bulls BPO offer exceptional service at afforable pricing. It’s a simple choice.

Shared Call Center Solutions

Let Bulls BPO Help You with Inbound & Outbound Calling

Bulls BPO Answering Service has helped hundreds of ventures build their reputation from the smallest of small companies to the largest corporations. Our operators pool of more than 300 agents is trained to handle calls from a variety of companies. With a script-driven system, an agent can successfully represent hundreds of brands in the day. With thousands of companies in need of support from a call center, there’s no reason why Bulls BPO cannot assist.

Our shared services even assist online stores that require outsourcing customer service for eCommerce to help them throughout Black Friday and Christmas. Furthermore, your customer service protocols remain saved in our system. So if you need to activate the service, you we’d aleady have your business details.

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No Long-Run Agreements.

In contrast to our dedicated call center model, there aren’t obligations or contracts to sign under our model of shared agents. Instead, we provide a month-to-month subscription service that can be removed or renewed anytime, ideal for seasonal businesses such as landscapers, tax preparation businesses, non-profit organizations that host annual telethons, or fundraising events. 

Low-Cost Subscriptions.

Between our per-minute pricing options for call centers with more than 15 pricing plans available to select from, you’ll be able to choose the right plan for any budget. So whether you have a start-up or you want to scale-up your business, Bulls BPO can help. We deal with hundreds of calls per month, with plans divided into affordable thresholds, so you don’t have to pay extra for any service.

We Respond to All Customers.

Our inbound call center has over 300 trained inbound and outbound call center professionals so that your customers won’t have to wait for a long time to speak with anyone. With 24/7 coverage on the phone, your customers can rest easy knowing that their needs and queries will be taken care of promptly, even on weekends and during holidays. So get rid of your voicemails and choose to live chat instead!

Software Integration.

With our software for call centers, it is possible to integrate with well-known enterprise software applications such as Salesforce and Zendesk and web-based systems such as Google Calendar. With our operator pool shared, you’ll have access to the Bulls BPO portal and on-demand access to allow various integrations. So relax and let us transfer call information directly into the application you’re using daily!

Get More Spending Less Money

With Our Shared Outsourcing, You have Access 24/7 to Hundreds of Agents Available.

Enhance the Productivity of your Office.

Outsourcing to Bulls BPO allows you and your team more time to concentrate on projects and tasks put to the sidelines. The more time you dedicate to your customers, the more leads you will generate, and the more profit you will get from your business.

Reduce the Cost of Additional Expenses.

The cost of hiring more employees is high. Each employee is a burden on your equipment, with higher salary costs and less space in your office. Outsourcing to the Bulls BPO helps you to save money you would have put elsewhere within your budget.


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