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For insurers, Bulls BPO can help you handle high volume calls while handling claims and aiding new customers – particularly in peak times such as open enrollment. From customer support to lead capture and cold calling, Bulls BPO’s insurance call center can handle everything.

Live Support Insurance

With the Experience of Insurance Professionals, Feel Confident in the Business You Run with Bulls BPO.

Sell homeowners insurance, life insurance or property, liability health insurance, any of the many types of insurance offered. The customers you call will have access to data and claims to process 24/7 all week long. In addition, our agents can provide reception services, agents locate, accident reports hotlines for membership, claim assistance, and many more. If your employees are overwhelmed with customer support needs, our call center solutions are your rescue team. It’s not too late to begin improving the satisfaction of your policyholders.

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Make Your Brand Name

Your customer experiences define your brand. With Bulls BPO, you’re connected to a company that provides call center solutions with over 300 professionally trained agents. Our quality control team and call center agents receive twice the amount of training that average call center employees, they can handle everything from message taking to processes like assurance verification, dispatching, etc. We’ll assist you to improve our services to ensure that we’re decreasing the friction of outsourcing.

Contact Your Old Leads

We can handle all your inbound traffic. We can also contact your leads list through our outbound call campaign. In the insurance business, leads are a constant flow. While the freshest leads might be in the top part of the dial-out group, old leads remain valid. Our call center representatives can contact your old leads from insurance or previous customers to give them a second chance. Prospects interested in upgrading or adding policies will be referred to your internal insurance agents to close.


Insurance companies are among the busiest businesses, particularly during the open enrollment period. Bulls BPO Answering Service offers an affordable outsourcing solution instead of investing more time and money to recruit and train additional employees. With 15 price plans for call center agents to pick from that will fit every budget size, You can use the savings you’ll make through Bulls BPO and put it back into the expansion of your company.

Bilingual Services

Expand your horizons and break out language barriers with our bilingual representatives at our call centers. If you can expand your customer base to Spanish customers, you’ll become more accessible, opening the way to more opportunities for business. In addition, we can provide agents who can speak English as well as Spanish and agents who are Spanish only and can be utilized. We offer a “Press 2 for Spanish option in the front end of your IVR for Spanish clients.

No Double Entry

With our web-based agents, you can access all the details you require regarding any prospective clients. Agents can visit your website to fill in applications for new customers and make sessions for face-to-face consultations. So long as your program can log in via the internet or front-facing forms to fill out and submit, we will gather the necessary information you require and save a copy of that data within our system so that you can double-check agent entry.

Quote Processing

Yes, our insurance representatives can assist with questions and make appointments for your customers. However, our professionals also have access to your software to input the client’s information and give insurance estimates. We help you make your insurance business strong by inviting new clients to it. We also take care of your old customers. Are you looking to have us send personalized emails to confirm your calls afterward? We can help, too.

Live Call Center Services for Insurance Companies

Get Complete Coverage 24/7

The Problem

The Problem

Health Insurance Company is nearing the open enrollment period, and you're not equipped with enough staff to handle the influx of enrollment inquiries in addition to your regular work. Although you have the money to pay for overtime, it's simply impossible to respond to every call round all hours promptly for three consecutive months. You're losing business!

The Solution

The Solution

Bulls BPO's insurance call center has become familiar with taking open enrollment calls and has staff members prepared for each customer. With the capability to manage hundreds of transactions per day, your customers quickly receive the help they require. While we take care of the enrollment process, your employees can focus on their regular duties to keep your company afloat. Your company is expanding!

Insurance Industries We Serve

  • Home & Mortgage
  • Renters
  • Automotive
  • Casualty
  • Disaster
  • Pet
  • Warranties
  • Credit
  • Life
  • Health
  • Property
  • Business

The Warm Patch: A Business Owner's Greatest Friend

Our inbound call center agents will screen your calls in two ways: using script control and warm patching. All you need to tell us is the information you wish to collect from the caller prior to attempting to connect the call. For instance, you might need the caller's first last and first name. Or you might only want their first name as well as the company the caller is calling from. If you're not available, you can inform callers that you're not available and send them the opportunity to leave a message. Then, if you'd want to answer them, we can connect them through. It's entirely your choice!

Script Controls: Decide What Calls You'd Like to Transfer

If numerous warm transfers are pestering you, you can create features in your script that inform us of what calls you'd prefer to have to be able to take a message for and which ones you'd like transferred. For example, imagine the following as an "Always connect, Sometimes transfer, Never'’ list. For calls on the list of 'Always,' we will cold transfer them to you. If you receive calls from the 'Sometimes' list, we'll warmly transfer the calls to you so that you can choose whether you want the call or not. If you receive calls from the list of 'Never,' we'll take a text message.

Time for the Day: Choose the Time You Need Calls to be Transferred

Alongside telling us what kinds of calls you'd prefer to be transferred, you can also specify the times you'd like them to be transferred. For example, are you available for transfers at any time, or only during working hours? Would you prefer receiving them over weekends or only on weekdays? Maybe you'd like messages for emergencies that are received during the day. And similar calls can be transferred to you during weekends and after hours. However you work, we work.


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Live agents are essential for improving the customer experience.

The outsourcing of your insurance call center means that you can handle any volume of calls at any time of the day. When you’re working with an automated solution, your clients will appreciate you going live. Let Bulls BPO assist you in building stronger customer relations.


Make use of the many unique features we offer to get the most value out of your services. From appointment scheduling to integration with CRM, Our job is making your life more efficient.

Cost-Effective Insurance Solutions


Ability to Handle High Call Volumes

Ability to Handle High Call Volumes

Stop waiting for lengthy hold times and start using our call center services for your insurance company. Bulls BPO monitors call each month, weekly, daily, and hourly to ensure we know about trends and are always in the right place to fill your needs and requirements. In addition, with over 300 employees ready to answer your calls, we can manage any calls directed to us.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Being an insurance company is more than simply offering insurance. You must meet with clients face-to-face so you know their needs and then provide the most suitable plans. In addition, you must compete with other insurance companies striving to offer similar things. Our call center staff can schedule more scheduled appointments on your calendars and client database.

Customizable Solutions

Customizable Solutions

Every business is unique. This is why our software for call centers can be fully customized according to your company's needs. Need verification calls transferred? Make sure you check. Do you want a phone screening program to determine if you are a potential or current client? Look it up. We are here with customized solutions.

Versatile Call Center Agents

Versatile Call Center Agents

Although our agents aren't licensed for selling insurance products, they're competent to handle any other task that you could require. For example, we can run outbound telesales, assist you with claim forms, take calls outbound or inbound for warranties extensions, respond to insurance-related questions that are scripted, and more!

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